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The ZenFusion Academy Brands

Explore The World Of Coaches - Extraordinary

We want to partner you in your personal and professional goals. Zenergize brings guest speakers and coaches in variety of life areas for your support.

From building up motivation inside, clarity in goals, working out depression, confidence building, entrepreneurship, professional and career issues to the treatment of addiction and phobias.

Zenegrgize Coach Directory offers seasoned professional coaches and trainers who provide quality online coaching services to individuals and corporations. Whatever the question or life situation you're facing, experienced and professional coaches are here to help guide you and provide the answers help you're seeking. With genuine care and honesty, they use their expertise to help you get answers and results.

For over 5 years we have been committed to providing quality online coaching services via live chat, email, phone and physical meet-ups to help you attain a life full of fulfillment and happiness. Click the button below to find out more.

ZenFuKlub is not an ordinary talking Klub. It engages, evolves and enrich corporate managers’ experience of growth and passion to achieve great heights.

Developing a “in-demand candidate” for the organization is not an easy task. It requires a continuous and a long drill. Mostly it involves working, creating and polishing the mindset. Mindset plays a major role in everyone’s success. ZenFuKlub has developed its agenda to impact mindsets of our corporate managers who can then reflect the positive and profitable results in their respective organizations

Why Choose Zenfu Career

It is not just about tutoring and learning at Zenfu Career, we dive deeper, we shape personalities, and we train attitudes; we show you the path to enlightenment. Basically, you gain a 360 degree transformation! Meet us at conferences, workshops, exhibitions, campuses, hotels, beaches and mountains. Our educational methods are what you may term “Work and Happiness” we are a proper definition of energized, engaged & enlightened. Our Zenfuz spread their passion, greatness and impact all over the world in their own domain. They have become role models in their communities, companies and within their peer groups. At Zenfu Career we grow with you in your journey even after completing our courses Join our well outlined courses today and start your journey to greatness. Do not just be a spectator, be part of the action by attending, volunteering, working with or working along with the cause. Be empowered for change now!

Turbocharge your business with ZenFuBiz. Entrepreneurship packages & learn what it takes to go from Ghc0 - GHc100,000 + a year!

Entrepreneurship made easy for busy entrepreneurs on tiny budgets with BIG visions & no time.

Taking the guesswork, frustration & confusion out of creating high converting ad campaigns that grow your business...

Let's be honest, you have a great idea, product or service, but unless people are buying... you can make money doing what you love. And, if you've got a tiny budget with a big vision, Facebook advertising can seem far too out of reach & overwhelming.

Fuse Zen In Whatever You Do, Get Excellent Results

We understand each one of you could be facing different life cycle, different goals or different challanges right now. That is why we have developed different brand for all your progression needs.

ZenFusion has a mission. A mission to nurture people’s potential by transforming their lives using best resources in this era. Providing easy and quick fixes to blocked attitudes. Helping to break the chains. Surround self with confidence.

Zen is wisdom and at our academy we have fused the wisdom with latest & high technological hacks of learning. It is so magical to start performing best at your home, office, professional arena or even among friends just by learning simple proven and certified methods. We have just started our journey to the HOUSE OF WISDOM, making you our partners.

Imagine a ZenFuKid (Soft-launch)

  • High in Attitude
  • Emotionally Intelligent
  • Highly Knowledgeable
  • Quick in IQ
  • Happy & Passionate
  • Content inside
  • Advances in Basic Senses

EDUCATE A CHILD, ZenFusion's program of Education Above All, comprises a team of passionate and dedicated individuals working hard to raise money to pay fees for disadvantaged children to attend school on a regular basis

We also coordinate sponsorship packages. You will be allocated a student/s and provided with a yearly update on their progress. You can visit your sponsored student at any time. For more details, Find our contacts below to call or message us at any time. We wish increase the number of children being sponsored by this program with your help.


The Most Advanced, Dynamic And
Powerful Self-Enhancement Course Designed
To Improve All Areas Of Your Life In Less
Than 24 Hours


We are always working with the world’s greatest teachers, and spreading their ideas through our leading-edge learning technology – which dramatically amplifies personal transformation.

We believe, learning is a lifelong journey as well as an adventure.

But not the kind of traditional learning you were taught in university. Our curriculum is designed to unleash the fullest potential of your mind, body, and spirit. It’s about being a rockstar at work. Having a healthy, youthful, energetic body. Experiencing unbreakable joy, love, and fulfillment. Enjoying your work with full confidence, enthusiasm and charisma. Connecting deeply with the people and communities around you. And contributing your unique gifts to the planet.


What Is Zenfu?


Get Equipped With The Latest Methods &
Techniques To Tap the conscious and
subconscious Power of Your Mind

Dynamically Use The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind

That's if only you truly want to rapidly progress towards an extraordinary life!
Are you suffering from any of these?
Just like the millions out there, have you invested so much in your education, skill sets, right choices, right brands, etc. etc. yet struggle in certain areas of your life you must not struggle?
Is this You? Do you feel you are a master of your circle but dumb in some other areas you must excel? Or, do you have no idea or knowledge that all areas of life can be equally well planned and lived and how this can be achieved?
Or the Bad Approach... Are you frustrated with short term approaches? Before or after reaching success you are still struggling and in search of deep purpose which may make you happy?

From Dream to Reality

For Those Who Want To Learn Methods & Techniques Of Successful, Intelligent & Happy With Luck People. They Tap The Right Link. There’s A Powerful Creative Force Inside Every Human Being That Can Make Any Vision, Dream Or Desire A True Reality.
We are not limited to thoughts but also how our thought energy affects the earth’s energy and subsequent event series in our lives. Transform ANY aspect of your life, so you can experience more abundance, love, happiness or any other kind of success you desire.
Taking Action Is Often Counterproductive
Yes, naturally, you should aim to move in the direction of your goals. Most people get motivated to take action, rush towards it, observe the results by observing other people’s reactions and validation to their efforts, and bbbooooooommmmmm. All stops once they receive unpleasant reactions or results.
The truth is, a whole lot of inner work needs to be done before you start taking action. Otherwise you’ll automatically experience negative states like procrastination, anxiety, stress and even self-sabotage each time you try to make positive changes.

What if you could access the exact same tools and principles as of Successful people in respective areas applied to go from struggling to having a thriving life?
What if you could enjoy these Unique Transformational Experience with ZenFusion

When you choose any of Zenfusion Academy courses this is what you will go through and experience

Personality Thermostat

First step is our progress is the ACCEPTANCE of our Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats.


Setting Goals 'Step Wise'

Craft the puzzle of your life mission and then sort it out. Our techniques support your clarity in mind on How-abouts and other questions. Setting priority is the key indeed.

Learning Dynamic Techniques

Learn and experience the lucrative after-effects of carefully designed techniques. Used by millions of users around the world and benefiting themselves and their families.

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