Meet Our Team of Excellent & Dedicated Professionals

Munnira Sheikh

CEO and Founder

This flagship program of ZenFusion is designed by Munnira Sheikh, a Certified Master of NLP, Silva Techniques, Meditations and holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration. Have an experience of more than 10 years working with different national and multinational companies on key positions.

She credits much of her own success to all the deep prayers of her mother and then to the techniques you’re about to learn. She brings her unique skills into teaching this program.

Munnira Sheikh studied meditation, Silva, NLP and creative visualization to reduce her stress at a simple startup job in year 2000. After several jobs and acquiring hands on experience in business skills, Munnira also equipped herself with mind sciences to deal positively with everyday tasks, strong understanding relationship, family fun, future career strategies, developing harmony in team work and most importantly to bring success in her self-developed organization. But the results changed her life. The results were not showing up only in professional life but also in other areas of life. This is really amazing.

Scoring well in difficult subjects, seeking well-paid jobs at young age on her well-defined conditions and putting up her business setup with just a $250 in hand and fabricated it into a million dollar company, are few mega achievements of her life using the power of mind sciences in an effective way.

In this academy programs, Munnira will show you the concrete structure and frameworks that power the mental models and daily practices needed for effective focus on your real goals.

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